Screen Printing The Independence Tshirt

As a graphic designer I have thus far enjoyed creating designs for my woodworking projects. Having that knowledge helps transfer between two different fields of work. Designing keeps you stuck in front of a computer for as long as it takes then into the woodworking which takes you into the physical elements and limitation of this world. Which is very satisfying to me.

Aff links. Things you will need:
Screen printing kit:

Clear printing paper:

Iron for setting the ink:


When printing your image on the clear printing paper make sure you print it on the rough side of the paper. Also do a test print on plain paper first before printing on the clear paper.


Independence Sign Build

In the spirit of the fourth of July I finely decided on a design I wanted and created it taking the time to sit down and design one in Adobe illustrator. The width and height is 30 x 13 and printed a template on a standard house hold printer using the tiling feature. I used one half inch plywood board for the backer board. one quarter inch plywood board for the shapes, bell and 1776 pieces. one three quarter inch solid wood (standard pine) board for the independence letters. I seem to be only using spiral cutting blades for most of my scroll saw work and I used a spiral blade through this entire project build. See the full build video bellow.

T Shirts of this design are available Here click me 

Pattern 4 sale here click me

pattern is one PDF file full size pattern.

or check out my patterns 4 sale page link at the top right of this page


This idea came about while looking around the internet for some woodworking chisels and gauges. Pricing different brands and finding mostly dirt cheep made in China and or really expensive German chisels. So while I waited and searched out for what I really wanted I sometimes will go look through my local flea market. I came across a vendor how had five 50 cal. bullet shells for like two bucks. As soon as I saw them I had that Urika moment of a fresh new idea I have to try and built. So hear is that idea THE BULLET CHISEL

Materials Needed

  1. 50 cal. bullet shell
  2. Alumilite Amazing Casting Resin, 16-Ounce — Better to use 10 minute epoxy than what I used in my video
  3. Some Solder
  4. one old and used or new paddle bit

Tools needed

  1. one mixing cup
  2. one mixing stick
  3. one grinder wheel / see video for this project to see what I mean
  4. one buffer wheel compound paste
  5. Soldering iron
  6. A drill
  7. A drill bit the same size as the one your bit your going to put in the bullet shell
  8. A bench vise for clamping /*optional
  9. A set of small files

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Hot Glue Carving Mallet

I’m very surprised that this mallet turned out as good as it did. It’s easy to make and works great surprisingly.  You can make them big or small as long as you have a handle to use. Be safe when breaking the glass as you can see me being in the video.  Now go have fun and be creative!

Things you will need:

Ryobi P305 18V ONE+ HOT GLUE GUN

Gorilla 3034502 Hot Glue Sticks 4 In. Full Size, 45Count

Wyler’s Instant Beef Bouillon Cubes, 3.25 oz Jar

Black & Decker 646594-00 Side Handle

Performix 11603-6 Synthetic Plasti-Dip Rubber Coating, 14.5 oz Can, Black



Make A Mantel Clock

This project build turned looking great in the end but during the development from the very beginning was slowly turning into a hassle. First of all my printer doesn’t do multiple page large poster type prints. So during a google search looking for a way to make that possible found a couple of sites that will do that for me in a quick fashion. So the first site I looked into ended up giving my computer a computer virus. Great!, what a way to start this build. Whatever, so I fixed that for the rest of that day. I eventually found and used a different site that worked out, or so I thought. After printing what was needed and cutting boards, gluing up the the patterns I noticed something wasn’t looking right, things just didn’t look proportional. The pattern was off on some pieces by about a half inch and more. So I had to adjust for that. It was a good thing I caught that before doing all the fret work. I used quarts clock battery powered mechanism I found at Michaels craft store.

For the rest of the project things went a lot more smoothly, Thank God. This project build should have only taken about three days ( mostly cutting and dry time for paint and stain ) but took over a month or more do to the fact that construction work ( job ) picked up and I had to work on 4 different houses ( remodeling ) and it was taking up all my time with late nights and weekends.

Anyway it took longer than expected. So without further adieu here is the mantle clock from a pattern I found on pinterest.

Patterns below. You can drag and drop them on to your desk top.

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