Scroll saw USA

Here is a simple project anyone can do with just a Scroll saw a printer and a small American flag, spay glue, stain or paint, drill and 1/16 drill bit and exacto knife. First lets find a USA map template clip art < follow clip art link. Save it to your computer and print it out ether 4×6 or 5×7 witch would fit best to match the size of the miniature flag you have. Spray glue the template to whatever size board you want, the thickness of your board works best with a 1/4 quarter inch piece of plywood, best for Scroll sawing. Start you hole with the 1/16 drill bit, drill through one of the great lakes for your starting point. You do need the right Scroll saw blades for this project, see your scroll saw manual to see if you can use ether a plane end or pin end. My Scroll saw has both options, your’s might not. Here is the link to the blades I used > plane end blades. Start cutting out the shape of the USA and don’t worry about cutting out the great lakes they will be covered by the flag you spray glue on later. Now that you have your cutout pieces remove the template with something, I used paint thinner. Let it dry and get ready to paint or stain the square piece of board too your liking. Now you can spray glue your flag to the USA cutout piece and let dry. When completely dry cut around the USA shape leaving 1/4 or more material.  Almost done,  take your square painted or stained piece and place it over the USA cut piece and force it in for the inlay until flush. Now flip it over and glue the two pieces together. Now you half to figure out whether or not to hang it or display it like a picture on a desk or shelf. I’ll leave that part up to you. That’s it! You’re all done, thank you very much if you actually fallowed along with this project. I tried to explain it in every detail that I could if I were following it to. If I did a good job let me know in the comments bellow and SUBSCRIBE.


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