Make A Mantel Clock

This project build turned looking great in the end but during the development from the very beginning was slowly turning into a hassle. First of all my printer doesn’t do multiple page large poster type prints. So during a google search looking for a way to make that possible found a couple of sites that will do that for me in a quick fashion. So the first site I looked into ended up giving my computer a computer virus. Great!, what a way to start this build. Whatever, so I fixed that for the rest of that day. I eventually found and used a different site that worked out, or so I thought. After printing what was needed and cutting boards, gluing up the the patterns I noticed something wasn’t looking right, things just didn’t look proportional. The pattern was off on some pieces by about a half inch and more. So I had to adjust for that. It was a good thing I caught that before doing all the fret work. I used quarts clock battery powered mechanism I found at Michaels craft store.

For the rest of the project things went a lot more smoothly, Thank God. This project build should have only taken about three days ( mostly cutting and dry time for paint and stain ) but took over a month or more do to the fact that construction work ( job ) picked up and I had to work on 4 different houses ( remodeling ) and it was taking up all my time with late nights and weekends.

Anyway it took longer than expected. So without further adieu here is the mantle clock from a pattern I found on pinterest.

Patterns below. You can drag and drop them on to your desk top.

3gcqi9papls dub71mgj8rs





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