This idea came about while looking around the internet for some woodworking chisels and gauges. Pricing different brands and finding mostly dirt cheep made in China and or really expensive German chisels. So while I waited and searched out for what I really wanted I sometimes will go look through my local flea market. I came across a vendor how had five 50 cal. bullet shells for like two bucks. As soon as I saw them I had that Urika moment of a fresh new idea I have to try and built. So hear is that idea THE BULLET CHISEL

Materials Needed

  1. 50 cal. bullet shell
  2. Alumilite Amazing Casting Resin, 16-Ounce — Better to use 10 minute epoxy than what I used in my video
  3. Some Solder
  4. one old and used or new paddle bit

Tools needed

  1. one mixing cup
  2. one mixing stick
  3. one grinder wheel / see video for this project to see what I mean
  4. one buffer wheel compound paste
  5. Soldering iron
  6. A drill
  7. A drill bit the same size as the one your bit your going to put in the bullet shell
  8. A bench vise for clamping /*optional
  9. A set of small files

Aff. links


American Flag Framed Art


link to flag I used
Affiliated, the rest of materials you can find at Homedepot.
1 mdf board, 1 quarter inch board, 1 piece of trim I liked. The glue was a fabric glue I wouldn’t suggest using. Maybe contact cement would work better.