Scroll Saw Circle Cutting Jig

I have always seen jigs being used in most youtube videos from table saws to even chain saws for milling. Almost everything but a scroll saw.  So I have been working on another project, coming soon, and needed a circle for the face of it. Now I’m not the greatest at cutting circles free handed so Why not make a custom jig for my saw. Check out the video and see how I built one.


Native Indian Bear Art Decor

Here is a great piece of art work to spruce up the home decor for a new apartment or home. This piece has a great Native American theme I thought of while surfing pinterest one day. Inspired by a movie poster and some Native American photographs I put 2 and 2 together in my mind and had this great idea for some new art work. It looks great in my house and I’m sure it would look good in yours too. The colored paper I found online looking up geometric graphic design. I thought to do something a bit different than adding a black background to this piece like you might see with other scroll sawed art work.

If you would like the pattern for this project I have it for sale at my online shop where I also sell audio books, here is the link to this pattern and for other patterns check out the menu at the top right of this page called patterns 4 sale.

decor example 2 decor example

How to Make a Vase With Love for Mothers Day

Like most mothers day, people go out and just buy some kind of gift or just a mothers day card for the holiday just as an easy way of showing appreciation. That’s not for me. For the past few mothers days I’ve personally made it a habit of actually creating an idea of something I know she would like and actively making it with my own hands. So for this mothers day I thought to make a vase to hold the flowers I got her and a cursive font of letters spelling out love. I do love my mother and thank her everyday for anything really, little things big or small. So check out this video of the vase and letters I designed for her this mothers day.

scroll saw arrow head free woodworking template

Maybe I should start calling some of these projects Woodworker vs. Pinterest or something like that. Whatever, moving on with this weeks project I usually surf google or pinterest for inspiration on woodworking ideas and if I have enough wood and materials for what I can idea I can produce. So while on pinterest I found this beautiful piece of work and went at it. It looks great along with some of my other projects from before, meaning the “dream catchers”  projects I did awhile back and you can find here on this site or my youtube channel here Liberty Woodworking

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Here is the template I used on pinterest 


A very challenging basket to cut out for sure but well worth it. I really need a band saw and table saw in order to do more woodworking videos on a bigger scale than my resent videos.  I found a video on youtube from reagenite71 working on a basket just like this one and in later days found the template over on pinterest. Here is a link to my woodworking board

here is the template. Enjoy!


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CANDLE HOLDER, diy candle holder decor

A simple diy candle holder decor fret work on the scrollsaw. This is a template I found on if you would like to have it here is the link

Also you can fallow my woodworking pinterest board here

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